It's a New Year!!

  I find myself guardedly optimistic about the coming year. It seems like the last two years have taken so much out of everyone and we have lost so much. I can't help but hope that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Somehow lessons will have been learned and we will come out better then we went in. 

 My little family has weathered it better then most and I am incredibly grateful for that. 2021 marked a year that we moved from our condo to buying a house. Our children have thrived and found their own little community amongst the neighborhood kids an at their new school. I am so grateful for where we are considering the dumpster fire state of the world. 

  I hope to find more of myself this year. I find I have a lot more mental space now that I am not constantly worried, stressed about how my children are doing. I am able to except and appreciate how well they are doing and give myself a break. This year will hopefully mark some good things for us. I am looking forward to finding some anonymity outside of my family and regaining some of myself. I am getting back into my paper crafting and will likely post more about that throughout the year as well as whatever other crazy journeys come my way. I am hopeful for 2022 and I hope that everyone's lives improve this year!

Happy New Year Everyone! Let's make it great!


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