6 Months In!

 It's been 6 months since we moved into our new house. It seems like forever since we lived in the condo. We have all found new routines, and the kids are adjusted to a new school.  I am feeling much better about the fact that we still have house stuff to do, knowing it's only been 6 months. Not heaving everything dialed in SUCKS! I am really big on everything having a place and organized. I have been preparing for season 2 of The Home Edit on Netflix by binge watching all of season 1 again. I have made more then 1 trip to the container store. My wallet is empty but my closets are looking better so I guess that's something. 

My witchy room has really been coming together. Quite a few times it has looked great and then been re-cluttered with preparing for a Yule Bazaar and now new Etsy items coming soon. I have also begun carrying a book with me and trying to read through all of the dozens of witchy books that I have precured over the years. Seeing them all displayed on the shelf, and seeing all the choices really seem to have motivated me to finally start reading my collection. I have been going back through old podcasts and trying to make a book list from all of the authors we have had on,  ordering all the books we discuss on the podcast. 

I think having so much to do in the new place has provided a nice distraction from the pandemic. It's hard not seeing close friends as often as we usually would. I am hopeful for a better 2022 and maybe this can be a positive turning point for us all. I am not sure the world can produce enough ice cream to get me through another year of this chaos. Hopefully the next 6 months are just as productive...

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