Email Reading Gift Certificates

 This year I have created Gift Certificates for people to send as gifts to friends and loved ones. You can purchase either 1 or 2 question readings to gift. They can be purchased here, the link is also on the sidebar of my page. $40 for 1 question readings, $65 for 2 question readings.

  Each certificate has its own code so I can track how many are sold. After purchase you can email me to letting me know if it’s a gift and I will send you a certificate, or if it’s for yourself you can email me your question/s and it will be answered within 72 hours. 

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Spring In All Of It's Rainy Glory

Time is going by so fast! I feel like the days that seemed to drag on during the pandemic are long behind us and the days flying by faster then we can count them have returned. Between my new obsession of binge watching Supernatural, watching the new season of The Home Edit, and all my constant Mom chauffeuring duties I am exhausted. The new house and its beautiful yard also come with all the yard upkeep which we seem to be squeezing time in for, however, the incessant rain is definitely creating some difficulty. I LOVE the rain and I especially appreciate the rain since we have had such terrible fire seasons and have been in a drought the last few years. That being said, grey skies for days on end is getting very draining. 
We had a BBQ for Ostara and were able to deal with the cold by having an outdoor fire and making some smores. The kids looked for eggs in the backyard and had a blast. Luckily it was a dry day even if it was pretty cold out. I made some lemon cakes and have done by best to welcome in the Spring. Our tulips are almost in full bloom and the plants are all green again. Like I said, I am doing my best to not be pissy about the constant rain.. Twice as much as would be normal for this time of year but I digress. 
Next on the agenda will be wine tasting for Memorial Day weekend. That is always a welcome event with friends, We picnic and drink and relax together for a day. It's one of my favorite friend events of the year. Until then I am trying to get my house in some semblance of order to get ready for the summer which will be here before I am ready. The Home Edit binge watch always has me organizing pantries and closets. I can't even look in my garage right now without losing my mind.   

I will try and do better about blogging more consistently. I am going to be attempting to write more often. As promised I am working on a book that I hope to have completed in the next few months. Fingers crossed...

Today's Card... 4 of Pentagrams

Clearly I have been terrible at keeping up on my blog. Life definitely got a little too chaotic to keep up. I will in the future try to do a little better. However, I am going to try and incorporate more of my tarot readings into my blog. Especially since this is where most of you find me to give you your readings.  Which I do  love to do by the way even if it isn't always what you were super excited to hear. Courtney was reminded that yesterday when I gave her a reading during one of our recordings. We don't always hear what we were hoping for. Readings to me are more about information that can help us make decisions or have reasonable expectations knowing that we ultimately can impact the outcome as well with our future actions. Things aren't usually set in stone. With that being said here is our card for the day using my new Supernatural Join The Hunt tarot deck!

In this deck they use the symbols of bones for wands, pentagrams for coins, goblets for cups and blades for swords. 

 4 of pentagrams:

The four of pentagrams their book says represents physical and financial security. Advising us to conserve our resources and pay attention to our incoming and outgoing cash flow. To manage our money wisely and beware of impulsive spending.  

As someone who has just returned back to normal life after a very fun $$ vacation I can tell you that I am really feeling this card right now. I announced recently that all readings this month will be given from my new Supernatural deck.  So far it has been spot on!

Celebrating Imbolc!

 Imbolc has always had a special place in my heart. It took me a very long time to truly embrace the term witch. In the beginning of my pagan path I found comfort and acceptance in the goddess Brigid. When I was initiated as a priestess in 2009 I pledged an oath to Brigid. I felt and knew that no matter where my path took me she would always feel like home to me. I was such a baby witch in this picture. Many of the photos from my initiation had streaks and orbs that amazed us all. So much has changed since that initiation all those years ago and I know that she is still with me.

Imbolc or Brigid's day is one where we welcome the coming of the spring. We celebrate in having endured the tough times of winter and know that warmth and comfort is on it's way. Today I am cleaning the floors and windows, lighting candles in all the rooms and tidying up. Tonight I am looking forward to a backyard bonfire, a fun dinner with my family and leaving out offerings thanking Brigid for all that she has gone through with me. The fire festivals are all so meaningful to me. I think this years celebration will be even more magickal in our new home!

Have a Blessed Imbolc everyone. May your tummies be full and the warmth of Spring fill your heart with love and comfort.  

6 Months In!

 It's been 6 months since we moved into our new house. It seems like forever since we lived in the condo. We have all found new routines, and the kids are adjusted to a new school.  I am feeling much better about the fact that we still have house stuff to do, knowing it's only been 6 months. Not heaving everything dialed in SUCKS! I am really big on everything having a place and organized. I have been preparing for season 2 of The Home Edit on Netflix by binge watching all of season 1 again. I have made more then 1 trip to the container store. My wallet is empty but my closets are looking better so I guess that's something. 

My witchy room has really been coming together. Quite a few times it has looked great and then been re-cluttered with preparing for a Yule Bazaar and now new Etsy items coming soon. I have also begun carrying a book with me and trying to read through all of the dozens of witchy books that I have precured over the years. Seeing them all displayed on the shelf, and seeing all the choices really seem to have motivated me to finally start reading my collection. I have been going back through old podcasts and trying to make a book list from all of the authors we have had on,  ordering all the books we discuss on the podcast. 

I think having so much to do in the new place has provided a nice distraction from the pandemic. It's hard not seeing close friends as often as we usually would. I am hopeful for a better 2022 and maybe this can be a positive turning point for us all. I am not sure the world can produce enough ice cream to get me through another year of this chaos. Hopefully the next 6 months are just as productive...

New Year/ New Beginnings


I am definitely enjoying the new house, particularly decorating my yard. The Squatch family is my newest addition. I enjoy seeing how everything changes with the seasons. Since we only moved in last summer I feel like I am in the process of a new beginning, not even counting the new year. 

In 2022 I am really hoping to circle back to things that bring me joy. I want to bake more, cook more, make more crafts and as Covid/ weather allows spend more time with friends. There are so many things I used to enjoy before my anxiety over money, home buying and kids school questions loomed over me.

As announced on the podcast we are having a mini con this March and will again have our So Mote That Con next October.  These have been really intense to plan, but the fun we have had doing them is well worth it. The workshop I am hosting virtually for our Mini Con, "Magick in the Burbs' " will be the first workshop I have taught virtually so that should be an interesting new experience.... Hello PowerPoint...

I really want to work on my gratitude practice this year. I have a lot to be grateful for. My life is much improved from years past. We still have a long way to go, but we have already come a long way. I have hope for a great future, which I haven't had in a long time. I am grateful for all of the amazing people I am meeting along the way and I am so hopeful 2022 won't suck the big one! Manifesting a year of Happiness, Health and Prosperity!! So Mote That Shit!

Being the Cool Neighbor Mom!

This is the first time we have lived in a neighborhood with kids for our kids to play with, and they have already made lots of friends. Recently we had snow during the kid's winter school break. This was our first snow in our new home and the kids could not get out in it fast enough. As I watched them play outside with their sleds I thought it would be fun to send them out with a warm treat. Can you tell I am currently in a leave it to beaver phase...  

I had bought a huge pack of crescent roll tubes at Costco and had no idea how I would ever make that many packages of them, but I don't shy away from a good deal. I thought about how good some warm bread would be out in the cold but it seemed a little boring. If it's not extra then it really has no place here.  I considered adding cheese but then noticed on the cooking show I was watching they were adding Nutella to some brownies... and TADA! I unrolled the crescent dough and smothered the insides with Nutella before rolling them back up. They smelled so insanely good while baking! 

I called my son over and handed him a tray full of warm Nutella filled crescent rolls to share with all the kids. Watching him run down the street screaming "Please don't eat these if you have a nut allergy!" pretty much made my holiday. I may have also seen some neighborhood dad's take some after they smelled them! I happily obliged when he and a couple kids brought the tray back for another round. This was definitely a crowd pleaser that I will make again and yes I did make it even more extra by adding some powdered sugar to the top!

It's a New Year!!

  I find myself guardedly optimistic about the coming year. It seems like the last two years have taken so much out of everyone and we have lost so much. I can't help but hope that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Somehow lessons will have been learned and we will come out better then we went in. 

 My little family has weathered it better then most and I am incredibly grateful for that. 2021 marked a year that we moved from our condo to buying a house. Our children have thrived and found their own little community amongst the neighborhood kids an at their new school. I am so grateful for where we are considering the dumpster fire state of the world. 

  I hope to find more of myself this year. I find I have a lot more mental space now that I am not constantly worried, stressed about how my children are doing. I am able to except and appreciate how well they are doing and give myself a break. This year will hopefully mark some good things for us. I am looking forward to finding some anonymity outside of my family and regaining some of myself. I am getting back into my paper crafting and will likely post more about that throughout the year as well as whatever other crazy journeys come my way. I am hopeful for 2022 and I hope that everyone's lives improve this year!

Happy New Year Everyone! Let's make it great!


Email Reading Gift Certificates

 This year I have created Gift Certificates for people to send as gifts to friends and  loved ones. You can  purchase either 1 or 2 question...