Today's Card... 4 of Pentagrams

Clearly I have been terrible at keeping up on my blog. Life definitely got a little too chaotic to keep up. I will in the future try to do a little better. However, I am going to try and incorporate more of my tarot readings into my blog. Especially since this is where most of you find me to give you your readings.  Which I do  love to do by the way even if it isn't always what you were super excited to hear. Courtney was reminded that yesterday when I gave her a reading during one of our recordings. We don't always hear what we were hoping for. Readings to me are more about information that can help us make decisions or have reasonable expectations knowing that we ultimately can impact the outcome as well with our future actions. Things aren't usually set in stone. With that being said here is our card for the day using my new Supernatural Join The Hunt tarot deck!

In this deck they use the symbols of bones for wands, pentagrams for coins, goblets for cups and blades for swords. 

 4 of pentagrams:

The four of pentagrams their book says represents physical and financial security. Advising us to conserve our resources and pay attention to our incoming and outgoing cash flow. To manage our money wisely and beware of impulsive spending.  

As someone who has just returned back to normal life after a very fun $$ vacation I can tell you that I am really feeling this card right now. I announced recently that all readings this month will be given from my new Supernatural deck.  So far it has been spot on!

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