Being the Cool Neighbor Mom!

This is the first time we have lived in a neighborhood with kids for our kids to play with, and they have already made lots of friends. Recently we had snow during the kid's winter school break. This was our first snow in our new home and the kids could not get out in it fast enough. As I watched them play outside with their sleds I thought it would be fun to send them out with a warm treat. Can you tell I am currently in a leave it to beaver phase...  

I had bought a huge pack of crescent roll tubes at Costco and had no idea how I would ever make that many packages of them, but I don't shy away from a good deal. I thought about how good some warm bread would be out in the cold but it seemed a little boring. If it's not extra then it really has no place here.  I considered adding cheese but then noticed on the cooking show I was watching they were adding Nutella to some brownies... and TADA! I unrolled the crescent dough and smothered the insides with Nutella before rolling them back up. They smelled so insanely good while baking! 

I called my son over and handed him a tray full of warm Nutella filled crescent rolls to share with all the kids. Watching him run down the street screaming "Please don't eat these if you have a nut allergy!" pretty much made my holiday. I may have also seen some neighborhood dad's take some after they smelled them! I happily obliged when he and a couple kids brought the tray back for another round. This was definitely a crowd pleaser that I will make again and yes I did make it even more extra by adding some powdered sugar to the top!

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