Celebrating Imbolc!

 Imbolc has always had a special place in my heart. It took me a very long time to truly embrace the term witch. In the beginning of my pagan path I found comfort and acceptance in the goddess Brigid. When I was initiated as a priestess in 2009 I pledged an oath to Brigid. I felt and knew that no matter where my path took me she would always feel like home to me. I was such a baby witch in this picture. Many of the photos from my initiation had streaks and orbs that amazed us all. So much has changed since that initiation all those years ago and I know that she is still with me.

Imbolc or Brigid's day is one where we welcome the coming of the spring. We celebrate in having endured the tough times of winter and know that warmth and comfort is on it's way. Today I am cleaning the floors and windows, lighting candles in all the rooms and tidying up. Tonight I am looking forward to a backyard bonfire, a fun dinner with my family and leaving out offerings thanking Brigid for all that she has gone through with me. The fire festivals are all so meaningful to me. I think this years celebration will be even more magickal in our new home!

Have a Blessed Imbolc everyone. May your tummies be full and the warmth of Spring fill your heart with love and comfort.  

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