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As many people know I have been on a Podcast called " That Witch Life " for over a year now and I love it. The experience has really brought me back to my own personal practice in a way that I haven't been in for over a decade. I have met incredible writers, authors, and fellow people on the path that I otherwise would never have interacted with or gotten to know through my association with our podcast. Like everyone else I am still learning. I have practiced now for almost 2 decades and have learned so much in that time, yet I still feel like a novice. Currently I am one of millions of people in the world who are worried about how this virus will affect my family and the people I love. I can work from home, my husband can't so what happens with his job? My children may have to do online school, so I am now prepared for that. I have elderly loved ones that I am concerned with being exposed to this. Separate from these important issues I have two family members who v