Sunday, April 3, 2011

Maternity Photos

My last trimester was so chaotic that there are so many things I never had the time to share. One of those things was my maternity photos. I had a photographer who owns a company called Intrigue Images. She did a phenomenal job. I was very happy with her work and had her back to take Soleil's 1 month pictures. I will be using her services again I have no doubt. She does a lovely job.

I was 34 weeks pregnant when the pictures were taken, only 3 weeks before she was delivered. It was the begining of December and bless their hearts the photographer and George were freezing in the 30 degree weather while I pranced around the woods for photos. They were great sports though and I think the photos were worth it.  I will treasure them always, it was such an incredible memory. Here are two of my favorites:

It's so hard to believe the photos were taken over 4 months ago when it seems like only yesterday. She has fit into our lives so seamlessly it is as if she was always there.