Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wiccan's getting a bad rap...

The other day while looking at one of the headlines read:

Wiccan Woman Killed Man As Apparent "Sacrifice".


Let me begin by saying that as I was reading the article I could feel my blood pressure rise. As I was looking at the comments, I was expecting  responses relating Wicca to devil worship and evilness. What I saw however, was people defending the practice of Wicca. It was incredible and filled me with hope. It is no secret that Pagans have come a long way in cultural acceptance and understanding.

For the most part I flew out of the broom closet many many years ago. The fact that I am a witch is not a secret in my family, friendships and even amongst my coworkers. That being said I do know that it isn't something that is necessarily accepted by everyone I know and is still very much misunderstood.

But really people are we really still this unaware as a culture to what Pagans and Wiccans are about? sigh..