Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little witch on board...

Well my friends, my recent tiredness and difficulty focusing has been explained by the discovery of a little witch on the way. I am 8 and a half weeks pregnant. The news was definitely a surprise but not at all an unhappy one. This is my first baby, and I must say as a first time father George is remarkably calm. Siince we have known now for a few weeks he has begun to get VERY excited.

It is amazing how everything in our lives is changing. We have decided to stay in our current apartment.because I love it and we may want to move in another year. We will wait to buy a house until then. I am now going to school half time instead of full time since I already also work full time. He has cut down on how many work commitees he will be on. Underneath all the changes is a brreeze of excitement.

I must admit he took the initial news more calmly then I did, however, I am now completely in awe and trying to savor this time. I am going to start doing prenatal yoga and taking longer walks. My diet has improved tremendously. My only wish is for a smooth and safe pregnancy. So far I have only the fatigue and indigestion (which was why I took the test in the first place).

Although sometimes I feel like my life doesn't make sense, there are always moments of clarity and feeling like this was all just the way it was meant to be. I am so happy and I will post my sonogram after my appointment on the 22nd.

I did find an excellent source through a labor doula and that was:

I will begin deepening my mediatation and trance practices in hopes it might help me during delivery.

I welcome any coments, tips, advice from my fellow Pagan mommies. :)

Blessed Be )O(