Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ostara Potluck

I have a very eclectic group of people that I practice with. There is one very dominant fact however, and that is the Mommies out number us two to one. Choosing to be initiated under Brig was definitely an excellent choice. Being a part of a magick group in the middle of suburbia is definitely a lot of fun. It does however, also bring about some challenges.

We have some members where Paganism is a family practice, and some members whose partners do not practice. To me the group/ coven is about bringing together like minded and compassionate people who can all grow and support each other, while traveling their group and individual magickal pathes. So the fact that some of our members partners (mine included) do not practice means that there are people in their partners lives whom they would never meet. All the girls I practice with I consider friends and am proud to know. I would like my partner to know them as well.

Thus my idea of the Ostara potluck. I will continue to keep it an annual tradition where we have no formal ritual, Just a family celebration where all partners, family and children can attend. The focus will be very kid friendly. This year I printed out coloring books for some of the older kids about Ostara. Most of our groups children are very young and so activities are limited for now. But I feel it its importnant to include families now and then so they can understand who their partner practices with and feel in some small way part of the group.

This years potluck was a hit!! There were babies everywhere. LOL The weather even cooperated and allowed us to sit and visit outside on the patio. It was nice meeting some new faces and spending time allowing people to "mingle." Future events were discussed, both kid friendly and not. I was very excited when the Mom's started offering up aromatherapy advice to one another to help soothe fussy babies. Not being a mother myself I find it interesting that I am HPS of a group almost exclusively moms. My Best friend and fellow HPS is not surprised at all. I think the fact I don't have children but LOTS of experience with them allows me the time and appreciation for being their HPS. It is so much fun and when I get pictures back I will add them to my post. This is a wonderful group of strong individuals and I can not wait for Beltaine. We will have both a formal ritual as well as I will be giving my goddaughter Irelynd her Wiccaning. :)

~Blessed Be )O(


Wendilea said...

Would love to see those pictures. Your group is very lucky to have you and so are all those children!

Kanani said...

Thank you. That is very kind of you to say. :)

Anonymous said...

I practiced in a coven with 2 other women for about 2 years and we decided from the beginning that even though one of the hubby's is Pagan, it would be a women only group. However, we did have a family picnic one year with the hubbys and kids and it was great. Once a year was enough though ; )

Anonymous said...

Hello...thank you for your lovely comment!
I've just come to "find" of course now that I have...there's no escaping me ;o)
Frankenfurter was a scream!