Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vegas...Woohoo :)

I guess I should start by saying.. HOLY CRAP! Everything is soo BIG! To call Vegas a place of extravagance really does not do it justice. Where else can two people get crepes for breakfast for $40.00. lol The strip reminded me a lot of New York's Times Square. Big billboards, signs/ advertisements everywhere. In Vegas, however, you get to see billboards of half naked women attached to vehicles whose only purpose is to go back and forth on the strip. lol. If that's not enough for you, haha you can just grab one of the handy fliers being handed out every 20 ft by men advertising for different strip clubs or phone lines. I found it hilarious seeing my boyfriend attempting to dodge these fliers, weaving back and forth like a ball on pong, hahaha.

We stayed at the Bellagio which was amazing! We saw the Cirque Du Soliel "O" show which was phenomenal. I will now see them every time they come to town. It was extraordinary. We went to Mandalay Bay to the Shark Reef., also amazing. I myself enjoyed the touch tank where I got to touch sting rays and other fish! He thought it was icky. LOL It was a lot of activities in a short period of time. All of it was incredible though. I want so badly to go back for my dirty thirty birthday in October. It was a vacation I definitely needed and he and I always have a blast together. :)

I can't wait to go back!

The Bellagio fountain show was amazing as well take a look.