Friday, January 8, 2010

How to Spot a Pagan...

People often ask me how do I know when someone else is Pagan? It’s as if I would need some sort of Pagan radar, PADAR if you will to sniff them out of a crowd. The truth is a bit easier then that.

For one thing I live in the NW and a good portion of the people here even MANY self proclaimed Christians have very liberal and or alternative religious views. Not all people who follow the Pagan path also claim the title. Nature based religions really need not look much harder for a place to live then the beautiful wilderness of the NW.

The interesting fact is, however, that truthfully Pagans find me. Rarely do I meet a new fellow Pagan/ Wiccan friend at a new age store or retreat. I meet people there as well however where ever I go people find me. You may be thinking this makes no sense. Let me tell you a story.

A few months back I had not been feeling well and went to Urgent Care. I sat patiently in the room, they took my stats, the Dr. came in, said hi and he was waiting on results. He would be back when they were done. I sat and fiddled with my phone, waiting for results. Approximately ten minutes later he comes in.

“OK, we aren’t sure what’s wrong but you should be okay, all your tests came back fine.” Then he looks at me and sits down. He smiles, starts beaming and asks…”How much do you like fairies?” (Keep in mind my clothes are sitting in the chair next to me and I am wearing an ER gown.)

I laugh and think to myself of course this is happening. I smiled and said, “A LOT.”

He put his head down very modestly and said, “I have never told anyone this, but my grandmother used to tell me stories about these two fairies that lived and worked on her farm. My grandmother was a very well respected, smart and educated woman.”

I smiled and nodded so he could continue.

“I believed her,” he said. “Ever since then I have wondered and thought about fairies. My wife and I went to Europe and took a tour of places where they have had famous fairy sightings.”He started beaming and laughing, “I don’t know why I am telling you this?”

I smiled “don’t feel bad, everyone tells me things like this. I have had a romance with the Fae since I was young.”

“There is something about you. I just felt like I could tell you. I have never talked to someone about this stuff. This is so exciting.”

“There is a very large fairy conference in the NW perhaps you and your wife could attend some year. I know people who have been and they love it.” I suggested.

Anyone who has been to the ER knows that Dr’s are in and out. This Dr. did not want to leave my room. Instead he proceeded to bombard me with questions about Paganism, fairies, magick. All of which I was happy to answer. He thanked me and said he had always wanted to meet a “person like me” and it made his year. I thanked him while wearing nothing but my paper dress and socks, got dressed and left.

These are the interactions I speak of. Somehow people just know. Random strangers will talk to me about ghosts, spirits, talking to their deceased loved ones, fairies, magick, a plethora of different things. Telling me things you usually don’t talk to strangers about. What I believe is so ingrained in who I am that others seemingly can see it too. I am no longer bothered or taken a back by these types of situations as they have become so common place. For those who mistakenly think that Paganism or other alternative religions are for uneducated or lower class people have no idea the Dr’s, lawyers and OH yes government officials I have met along my way. Pagan’s are everywhere, and all types and classes of people. I am proud to be among them and luckily they are not too hard to find..


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