Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy day...

For how busy and crazy my world has been, I am enjoying an incredibly relaxing afternoon. I am happily curled up on my couch and reading my newest book, Progressive Witchcraft, by Janet Farrar & Gavin Boone. Both of whom I have meet at Pagan gatherings. I find them to be incredibly informed and excellent teachers. Janet wrote the Witches Bible with her late husband Stewart Farrar in the 70's. I was told by my best friend and fellow HP that this book was especially helpful for those of us who are running or plan on running a group/ coven. A resource like that is not easy to find. So far I am loving the book.

The rest of my Saturday plans involve more reading as well as studying the skeletal system for my Anatomy & Physiology class. I think my body is finally adjusting to the crazy schedule I keep. This is the first time in the last month I have felt energized, it's wonderful.

Some point this weekend or during the week I need to revamp an Imbolc ritual for our celebration this coming weekend. I was given a beautiful Imbolc ritual from my best friends first HP. It is a ritual for a much larger group then we currently have, so I will be accomadating it to our smalller coven. I am so excited! The fact that the girls and I are now celebrating all the Sabbats together is somehing I was not expecting. On top of that the group has grown from me and 4 others to 11 of us total. I was already a part of a group that was originally based on the East coast. So now my girls and I have become a west coast branch of an even bigger group. I feel blessed in so many ways and the fact that Magick has become such a central part of my daily life only shows me how far I have come and how blessed I really am.

Blessed Be