Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 is off in a flash

I have been a novice of magick since I was in high school. When it really clicked in for me, however, and became a part of my everyday life was after the purchase of my first home. My ex husband and I it seemed, were not the houses only inhabitants. Since then I have practiced, learned, experienced and grown in my spiritual path.

I had a magickal group I was apart of I really enjoyed. It existed on the East Coast, while I existed on the West Coast. That group disbanded and morphed into a new group, of which I am still a member. While here on the West coast approximately a year and a half ago I met a group of women who shared in my spiritual beliefs and lifestyle.

It began very simply, just me and a couple of friends getting together for some candle magick. That lead to me leading a Mabon ritual of 5, a harvest celebration of 7, me getting an initiation to Brighid, and lastly we had a Yule celebration with 11 people and a Wiccaning. Whew how we have grown.

I now hear news of more people’s interest into our group. Groups like ours are special and not always easy to find. I am so proud that these people have chosen me as the person they trust to help and be there along their own spiritual journeys. It’s a blessing to say the least. I have promised to do my best to offer an ear, lend a hand, or offer support when needed. This is by far one of the most fulfilling things I have done in my life. As such I felt it deserving to once again begin documenting this journey so that others might learn, enjoy and probably get a laugh or two at my expense.

Welcome and Blessed Be )O(


A Girl Called Woo said...

I thought I was the most fulfilling thing you'd ever done.